Introducing the JUUL!  The JUUL is by far the easiest to use and most reliable electronic cigarette.  Whether you're a casual social smoker, or a multi-pack a day smoker who's been at it for years, the JUUL packs a punch with up to 5% salt nic pods.  Additionally, the JUUL is designed to be as close to a cigarette as possible, both in size and operation.  This makes it a great option for any smoker looking to switch to vaping.  Pick one up for yourself, or as a gift for any smoker in your life.  Buy a JUUL battery with a pack of pods and save 10% on pods!


Duet Dual Juul Charger


The Duet charger is perfect for anyone serious about the Juul life. The Duet charges up to two Juuls at once and includes the ability to put it on a key chain. Simply, it's the charger that the Juul should have come with. Simply pop it on your key ring...

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