In addition to carrying a great selection of nicotine-replacement electronic cigarettes, here at City of Vapors and RYO Tasteful Tobacco we also carry a wide variety of herbal vaporizers and devices.  We've got everything from portable vape pens for waxy concentrates to full on Volcano style desktop convection vaporizers.  Already have a battery?  No problem!  Just pick up one of our standard 510 threaded attachments for your concentrate vaping pleasure!


Butter Maker


This butter maker from The Herbal Chef is the easiest way to quickly make cannabis infused edibles at home. Edibles are one of the easiest and best ways to medicate, especially on the go. Making cannabutter couldn't be any easier, simply grind your herbs...

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UNI Universal Portable Mod


The Yocan UNI Universal Oil Vaporizer is the first and only device of it's kind. Never again will you have to worry about finding an oil cartridge that fits into your device! The great thing about the UNI is that it has both a height and width adjustment...

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iMini Kit


The iMini is perhaps the smallest, most compact concentrate vaporizer on the market today! This itty bitty mod is just about 2 inches tall, and is easily concealable in even the most baby-sized hands. The iMini includes a 0.5ml empty cartridge for your...

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S6th Sense Slim Battery


This 380mAh 510 stick battery is one of the best, most reliable cartridge batteries on the market today. It fits every cartridge out there, regardless of thickness or location of air intakes. These simple reliable batteries make a great affordable choice...

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Flowermate V5.0S Mini


The Flowermate v5.0 S Mini is one of the best and top reviewed portable herbal vaporizers on the market today designed to work with loose flower and concentrates / waxes! The Flowermate features a ceramic oven chamber for great flavor and even heating...

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Santa Cruz Shredder (Large)


Santa Cruz Shredders are now available at City of Vapors for the lowest price around! These high quality herb grinders give you the perfect grind ever time. Your tobacco and herbs will come out fluffy and ready to be rolled! This large size Santa Cruz...

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