Geek Vape

Geekvape batteries and box mods

Geekvape is making some of the best, most durable electronic cigarettes and refillable pod systems on the market today!  Their Aegis series devices are full water proof and offer shock and drop resistance.  This makes the some of the most durable choices in vaping today! 


Aegis Hero Pod Mod Kit


The Aegis Hero refillable pod mod kit is now available at City of Vapors! This all new, ultra small refillable pod ecig delivers up to 45 watts of flavorful, saturated vapor and uses standard Aegis Boost coils. Along with the standard Aegis features of...

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Aegis Boost 40w Pod Mod


The Aegis Boost is an ultra compact, yet powerful refillable pod-style ecig. The Boost is almost a hybrid between a typical sub ohm mod and a refillable pod system. Like the SMOK Nord, the Boost uses a coil that’s installed into a refillable...

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