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For years Aspire has offered top-notch quality ecig devices that are easy to use and compact.  These electronic cigarettes are geared towards customers who wish to have a small device, especially those who prefer a higher resistance atomizer and a tighter draw.  They're perfect for anyone looking for a vaping experience more similar to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, rather than massive cloud production.

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Nautilus AIO


The Nautilus AIO is Aspire's latest compact all in one device. If you're a fan of the Nautilus series thanks, which have been the benchmark mouth-to-lung style takes for years, you'll love this modernized version. The Nautilus AIO takes after the design...

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Aspire Breeze 2

$34.99 $20.99

The Breeze 2 from Aspire brings a few tweaks and improvements to the great original Breeze. The version 2 now features a plastic tank section, making the Breeze more durable, as well as adds the convenience of removing the whole tank section for easier...

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PockeX Starter Kit


The Aspire PockeX combines simplicity and performance, making it one of the best starter kits on the market. Not only does the PockeX offer top-notch performance, but is one of the easiest devices to set up and has the added benefit of being one of the...

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